Executive Consulting

We expect senior management teams of publicly-traded companies to have their interests aligned with the shareholders. Much of their compensation packages reflect this expectation. If there is significant growth in the company stock, significant wealth accumulation may be realized through appropriate planning with these benefit plans.

While several senior executives certainly do not lack the ability to make smart decisions with respect to these benefits, they generally allocate all their time to running their companies and taking care of their families. We have designed a service to cater to the needs of these clients, which ultimately saves them the two most valuable resources they desire—time and money.

Our advisers and support staff are intimately familiar with the intricacies of qualified and nonqualified benefit plans and the planning techniques associated with these. All of this is done with great sensitivity to insider restrictions and/or share ownership requirements instituted by corporate board of directors.

In our experience, the key to providing value to clients engaged in our financial counseling service is to coordinate their corporate benefits with all other financial decisions. This includes estate, gift and wealth transfer planning, tax planning and preparation, liability planning for life and casualty, and education planning for children and grandchildren.

It also includes coordinating the underlying investments of their company plans with investments held outside of those plans. As an independent registered investment advisor, we are able to align ourselves with the interests of our clients as we discuss their overall asset allocation and any recommendations we may make for their portfolios.

The ability to provide objective advice from a holistic point of view, which incorporates your executive benefit plans, provides an additional level of peace to each client and their family. By proactively coordinating and implementing each client’s goals and objectives, time and money are maximized.